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Bamboo Garden Hotel (Beijing Jintai Hotel Bamboo Garden Branch), Das Hotel befindet sich in xiaoshikiao, Jiugulou Straße.
Zhuyuan Hotel ist ein typischer Hof der Qing-Dynastie, der einen Bereich von etwa 21 mu abdeckt. Die Abhängigkeit von alten Bäumen, Bambus-Wald und Hof für fast hundert Jahre hat die Perfektion geschaffen, die moderne Technologie nie duplizieren kann.Dies ist ein altes Haus mit einer Geschichte von mehr als 200-Jahren. Es war das äußere Haus, das Kaiserin-Witwer Cixi Eunuch Andrea gab.Viele historische Berühmtheiten haben hier gelebt.Er wurde einst als 'der Pionier der modernen chinesischen Unternehmen', 'der Vater der frühen chinesischen Industrie', 'die erste Generation der Industriellen in modernen China' gefeiert: die ehemalige Residenz von Sheng Xuanhuai, Minister für Post und Kommunikation in der späten Qing-Dynastie.Dong Bi und Kang Sheng, ehemalige Vizepräsidenten des Staates, lebten hier nach der Befreiung.Nach mehr als 200-Jahren herrlicher historischer und kultureller Atmosphäre hat das Hotel Zhuyuan seine eigene einzigartige kulturelle Konnotation.Zur Zeit gibt es Hunderte berühmter Kalligraphie und Gemälde, darunter Dutzende flacher Stirn, Kupplungen und Kupplungen, die alle von berühmten Künstlern gemacht werden. Unter ihnen gibt es viele Freundschaftswerke moderner und zeitgenössischer Kalligraphen und Maler, wie Wu Yuru, Bai Xueshi, Dakang, Strait, Qigong, Dong Shopping, Liu Haisu, Liu Bingsen, Tao Yiqing, etc.Eine solche reiche kulturelle Anhäufung fügt dem Bambusgarten ein kulturelles Fest hinzu.
Das Hotel hat mehr als 30 Zimmer mit verschiedenen Spezifikationen, alle von Ming und Qing Stil, einfach und einzigartig, elegant und angenehm.Es gibt kein Restaurant, keinen Bankettsaal und keine Teebar im Krankenhaus, die der beste Ort für alle Arten von High-End-Bankette und Geschäftsverhandlungen ist.
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  • gangwar
    Hotel is very large, many buildings, and help us to free upgrade of the room, nice decoration and style, thanks a lot
  • ludovic
    Very good! comfort and tranquility in quiet. nearby attractions, convenient subway. snacks a lot! !
  • Siren778850
    Very comfortable hotel, pavilions and courtyard, very nice, baby love, very close to the Metro, convenient distance away from the sea, a rickshaw ride
  • E02988235
    Hotel location good, traffic convenient, away from Metro Line 2 line, Line 8 line is near, away from Houhai also insufficient 1000 meters, is location in alley in, to to alley in to find. Hotel hospital in of environment very good, has bamboo, pine, green area is big, in downtown in is very clean. waiter has been put you sent to room, is enthusiasm. room within is Chinese furniture, but bed is comfortable. next time also to live.
  • BD free to fly
    The prices to stay in Beijing Hotel room in an alley on particularly quiet convenient subway gulou Street Station Exit g left diagonal across the road in front, which is near Chuk Yuen Lou is very hard to find meals convenient to live here
  • conanben
    Nice location, next time you will enjoy.
  • aoao527
    Again this shop, garden-style hotel, quiet environment and convenient transportation, subway, 2nd on the 8th at the Hutong entrance, convenient. Hutong entrance is on the right Street.
  • TONY1618
    It's out of this world! this is where Beijing should live ... full of Beijing!
  • Gavin.xie
    This environment, invincible. told my wife to get the next time ... don't say it well.
  • dorlin
    Very convenient, nearby attractions, hotels out of gulou Street, a lot of food in Beijing. hotel environment is also very good, if Beijing is worth living ... Nice.
  • awei333
    Friend happy friend very satisfied, very happy with friends
  • anata414
    Must experience the courtyard husbands occupancy after decisive regret. in addition to the style outside of the antique, value for money is not really low. picture know what to see at this price. because of advance payments against live
  • Melody8651
    Location very better, traffic convenience, has 82 road and 5 road bus to Gallery and Tiananmen, Houhai can go to. around restaurant many, stuffing old full worth recommended. hotel facilities somewhat old, for example, air conditioning and bath equipment. other are is good. we to have compared early, front desk is help, told clean Member early prepared out a between room. waiter help we put luggage mentioned room, this said thanks.
  • e02061061
    Chinese room, perfectly, the hospital environment is very good, all in all very comfortable.
  • gaojun79
    Very happy with it.
  • deepspace
    Pretty good
  • jiangyingxiao
    Environment very elegant and quiet rooms just renovated, also smells of paint, nice, good lighting, toilet facilities, and near the Metro, but far from the bus station, service attitude, and later to Beijing will stay
  • leelee0811
    Bamboo Garden Hotel is great Chinese style naozhongqujing
  • bluus
    Hotel Nice, simple green ... a little, but the successful coordination! worth staying at!
  • missmf
    Good location, quiet, Houhai are very close from the drum tower. guesthouse facilities, very delicate, the staff attitude is also very good. may be the old house remodeling, room is not very good, in and out of the crowd a bit noisy in the morning.
  • ao100
    It's out of this world
  • april611
    Good service good things are complete tourist should try this
  • e01518374
    OK, is the room is a bit small
  • e01199500
    Uncles set very near from my house is very convenient
  • allisoncai
    Breakfast is poor, things less, service personnel more. on so several guest, orange juice drink finished also have opening, cereal also on a, good mean. room is clean, pillow too more, waste resources. room network only support a Terminal, computer even Shang on cannot even phone, and live days also cannot switch, may is because belongs to public of, hope control. but next no longer support public ownership of hotel, reduced breeding corruption
  • dingdingtao
    Colleague recommended hotels, rooms at the feel better than expected after. beautiful garden-style buildings, because they do not rely on the street, very quiet. Access for the hotel and its convenient, very close to the Metro Line 8 gulou Street, the alley behind or bus 5 Road station, to Tiananmen Square and many other attractions are very convenient. Dinner near the hotel is also very convenient, next to the alley just filling the full, delicious dish and dumplings. Limitations; WiFi use inconvenient, between different devicesSwitch Internet access, notify the front desk needs to reset. Overall very good, next to Beijing, also lived here.
  • babyjostein123
    Rooms at the Courtyard hotel rooms for the first time cannot be compared with the modern hotel but the room is large and clean hospital landscape is definitely not compared to other hotels in just a few minutes ' walk from the Houhai naozhongqujing too much!
  • benron
    Four star of price, Guest House of service. because see is garden type hotel, yard is unlikely to, so I along Gallery turned turned, suddenly was security questioned, I description is live guest, said not let mess go, said is these courtyard was company rental. good's back sleep. Beijing rain room is cold air conditioning and bad with, playing to front desk engineering personnel see has said deficiency fluoride, but tonight didn't approach has. second days checkout Qian I mention luggage box first put to car in, and was security Straus, asked I to dry well? I said first putOn a luggage cart and then checkout, Oh, I don't know what that means? so I don't run up not closing! reservation credit card guarantee when, right to hotel brushed 1000 presale! how can I run?! Good to check out, the waiter for a long time, my cell phone remind you of your password error, I had to staff and said, if I have to enter the password? 550 enter the password through this single cell phone display consumption, to print out your invoice I couldn't say, you are notPre rinse again to complete the transaction within the right of consumption, should be; are you right to cancel my pre?! In general except from the drum tower near point, there's nothing redeeming.
  • alandai
    Overall feeling of good, quiet and comfortable! bring elderly Beijing, preferred to live here, deep flavor of the garden, surrounded by old houses in Beijing, a 20-minute walk is the sea, very good
  • masaixia
    Environment of the hotel is very quiet, quaint, jade. walk to the subway gulou Street station is five minutes away, accessibility. next time you come to Beijing will choose to stay.
  • adafu76
    Elegant, unique and enjoy
  • leeinx
    Quiet ... very nice hotel
  • ydmgcc
    This hotel in a quiet and elegant environment, it was very good, rooms are very distinctive. inside and outside all in old style
  • e00244369
    Allow other homes do not have a flavor of Beijing Siheyuan
  • angelemail
    A very good environment! estimated previously belonging to the private gardens, room features, service was good, belonging to the surrounding cost-effective hotel.
  • dearpopo
    That's good
  • aromatic
    Elegant environment, good!
  • ericbxj
    And we think it's great
  • liangrongrong
    80 minutes, very nice. Bamboo-planted in the yard is too sparse.
  • diamondxin
    Again this shop, garden-style hotel, quiet environment and convenient transportation, subway, 2nd on the 8th at the Hutong entrance, convenient. Hutong entrance is on the right Street.
  • cuitong0715
    Hutong Courtyard Hotel in the renovation of, the foreigner friends like, experience architecture in North China, but facilities in some old, power cut off in the evening.
  • Everjoy
    Very good, very quiet and clean
  • evanlii
    Chinese-style courtyard, the environment elegant, quiet, very characteristic, is a good place to receive foreign visitors. guest feedback said that although the rooms are small, but clean and tidy, the meal was good, next time you come to Beijing to live it.
  • e00891028
    Hotel location good, on in old drum Street Stone alley, near Houhai, South drums Xiang, shichahai, drum, to Ann door, from hotel to Metro station just 10 minutes on has map Line 2 line with Line 8 line, hotel service attitude also good, health do of also good, daily are has room clean, is equipment too old has, room in of computer fundamental playing not open; out Hutong entrance right turned has home Chongqing facet taste good, drum there has home Yao Ji snack bar of liver, taste alsoVery good; when staying with friends, loved it.
  • firelyx
    Garden-style hotel, comfortable and health. the surrounding environment is poor.
  • Element
    Antique, conveniently, you can visit old Beijing experience thick Beijing
  • grunge
    Has been recommended, recommend again, hope you enjoy
  • a_mon16
    Hotel is great, service is good, clean, old style, accessibility, within the second ring road, close to two subway from the back Lakes, Houhai, gulou are very close, near supermarket, pharmacy, ATM, eat a lot, great, then went to Beijing to live here.
  • LeBron-James
    Sisters at the front desk were very friendly, the environment is also very good ... is a bit expensive
  • LoveSuseny
    All right