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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel


Gavin.xiescore:5.0 / 52021-02-26

This environment, invincible. told my wife to get the next time ... don't say it well.
Elementscore:5.0 / 52021-02-26

Antique, conveniently, you can visit old Beijing experience thick Beijing
mintjucescore:5.0 / 52021-02-23

Is good of hotel, is fine location also is is convenient of, room spacious clean. restaurant of breakfast is Rod, big delicious, is some your, addition, wash pool and room, is pass of, this is not too good, easy put water get wood floor Shang addition. air conditioning enough cool, shower water is foot. clean room of aunt is enthusiasm. This times staying more satisfaction, room not is praise
wupingping38score:5.0 / 52021-02-18

Very nice Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel
LECLERCscore:4.0 / 52021-02-04

Hotel nice garden is very good, service, facility.
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