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Bamboo Garden Hotel Beijing is located in Xiaoshiqiao, Jiulou Street.
Bamboo Garden Hotel Beijing is a typical Qing Dynasty courtyard, covering an area of about 21 acres. The ancient trees, bamboo forests and courtyards have been linked for nearly a century, creating a perfection that modern technology can never replicate. This is an old mansion with a history of more than 200 years. It was once the gift house given to the eunuch An Dehai by the Empress Dowager Cixi. Many historical celebrities have lived here. Once known as "the pioneers of modern Chinese enterprises", "the father of early Chinese industry", "the first generation of modern industrialists in China": Shang Shusheng Xuanhuai's former residence in the Ministry of Posts and Communications in the late Qing Dynasty. After the liberation, former national vice presidents Dong Bi and Kang Sheng both lived here.
For more than 200 years, the splendid historical and cultural atmosphere has been passed down. Zhuyuan Hotel has its own unique cultural connotation. There are hundreds of famous calligraphy and paintings, dozens of flat paintings, couplets and couplets, all of which are from the hands of famous artists. Among them are some modern and modern calligraphy and paintings such as Wu Yuru, Bai Xueshi, Da Kang, He Strait, Qi Gong, Dong Shouping, Liu Haisu , Liu Bingsen, Tao Yiqing and other friendly works. Such a rich cultural accumulation adds a cultural feast to the Bamboo Garden.
The hotel has more than 30 guest rooms of various specifications, all of which are Ming and Qing style, simple and chic, elegant and pleasant. There is an a la carte restaurant, banquet hall, and tea bar in the courtyard, which is a good place to hold various high-end banquets and business negotiations.