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Boutique hotel building theme: capability more outside the traditional

Date: 2018-04-23

"Boutique travel industry", in shandong province was identified as the old and new kinetic energy conversion of one of the top ten strong province industry.In high-end star hotel competition pressure and economy hotels gradually saturated, the hotel industry as one of the major factors of the tourism industry, is there a topic "boutique hotel", the innovation of the boom.Blossoming cultural theme of the boutique hotel is the "culture" resources into productive forces, to accumulate new momentum, become one of the elaborate the path of the tourism industry.

"Culture" to open the hotel transformation password

With the coming of "experience economy" era, consumers pay more and more attention to the additional benefits of goods, theme boutique hotel is gradually developed in this context.Has the design feeling, artistic and personalized services are provided for specific customer groups, fully embody the local cultural characteristics, or small, high-end hotel with unique history, forms, is the industry the consensus of boutique hotel of the subject matter.

In 2014, the cultural creativity lalu hotel open in phoenix island, from the start of the opening is designed with Confucian culture as the soul, with the grade of the literati, finely crafted.In 2014, the same Ma Chuntao, 刘喆 also opened a boutique in mouth of Yang at the hotel.Room, of primitive simplicity of different landscape ecological nature charm, unique folk food, etc., constantly attracts visitors from all over the country.Dedicated to the protection of folk culture of contemporary famous writer feng jincai had a heroine on, hailed here are real "taste" of Qingdao.

China commune since 2008 to build a theme hotel, according to the hotel general manager ox tiger soldier, "culture" opens the password in the transformation of the hotel, a variety of cultural activities, costumes, folk intangible, let visitors get visual, auditory experience type service, hotel products and services by injecting emotion personality, to the spirit of customer satisfaction.

In court 1903 inn within the local folk customs, tourism culture exhibition now inn, continue making the inn of old Qingdao a tourist card.The inn, says wang liang, head just by tangible to express the culture, the hotel is only museum.To let a guest have experience, you must through service, dishes, let a guest feel the theme activity, to participate.Cultural theme hotel only build truly belong to own the IP, to build their own core competitiveness.

In badaguan scenic area, the geological museum, butterfly buildings, old buildings "resurrection" in succession, such as guo moruo study flagship boutique in monet gardens also entered the stage of trial operation, island city boutique hotel is blossoming.

To find a balance between the benefits and feelings

In recent years, Qingdao once theme hotel investment boom.The reporter understands through interviews with a number of operators, after the baptism of the market, a group of has "fallen" feelings of the hotel, but more cultural theme hotel, inn, home have found the feelings the balance of the benefits and the way of transformation.

Heroine Ma Chuntao on general manager thinks, whether theme boutique hotel or home stay facility, no feelings do not have feel of products, and customers also have feelings of a group of people, therefore, feelings and benefits have the basis of the balance.After the heroine on Ma Chuntao and partner and build a green rings soup house, valley is essence, such as boutique hotel, their rings in the sea because of built on the beach, get many fans chase after hold in both hands.

"Boutique tourist development is a kind of connotation development pattern of lead, the primary task of connotative development is improving."In Ma Chuntao point of view, a who can be identified and remember and boutique hotel, its capability is often beyond "traditional" of the hotel.Traditional model of experience, design, service, hotel, can draw lessons from and share, but the cultural theme of boutique hotel success or failure, depending on how to make customers feel in accommodation of every link of unusual pleasure, and willing to pay the corresponding cost.Which is the key of characteristic culture can inspire the customer and the excitement of the natural environment.

"Devoted to the sea" high-quality goods at hotel director zhao jiang tells a reporter, more than a decade ago, the rise of economy hotels due to catch the wave of the outbreak of mass travel, today, cultural theme hotels and home inn to catch the next wave, namely the rising middle class."It should be in the good life is people's increasing needs and inadequate imbalance in the contradiction between the development of seeking business opportunities."Zhao jiang said.

"Non-standard" hotel is part of the reform of the supply side

From "shopping" city, to "know" city;From the "good" to "live have emotional appeal"...Why visitors out of the star hotel, hotel, made a special trip to a farmhouse, or even willing to pay for a room.Accordingly, also some people willing to pay for a farmhouse, the right to use the pay tens of thousands of yuan a year to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan decorate new.

"Theme boutique hotel, it represents is a kind of personalized products, a standardized formats.Is how to create personalized, boutique hotel managers must think and problems to be solved."Fish mouth singing boutique hotel is located in the sea between ten "related official said, compared to a standard hotel service specification is the same, the personification of the theme hotel features a distinct advantage, as long as the hotel to depict the picture with tourists hearts desire, the sensitivity of the price will be greatly reduced.

"" non-standard" hotel is part of the supply side in the hotel industry reform, the investors and operators are on the way to explore."Committed to tourism economic research of Qingdao hotel management college professor Liu Yinghua believes that "culture" is an important symbol, boutique hotel once absent or diluted culture content, cultural elements is easy to fall into popular hotel circle.

Culture gives the hotel strong vitality, will also help hotel to open more business space.After years of development, island many theme boutique hotels are culturally IP change brand suppliers."In the future, cultural theme hotel will be the position of the people in a variety of cultural experience."PiaoSuWen 刘喆 think, founder of the brigade, the cultural theme hotel operator should abandon hotel catering, accommodation pure thinking, establish itself into a quality, have pursuit, can produce living place of the collision of mind.