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Brigade headquarters: concentrated to the society launched a batch of rural tourism products line

Date: 2020-07-24

On July 17, according to the website of culture and tourism, culture and tourism department general office recently issued by about make overall rural tourism normalized epidemic prevention and control and speed up the market recovery about the work.Notification requirements, timely launch of the national rural tourism products lines, culture and tourism departments at all levels should be concentrated to the society launched a batch of rural tourism products line.Guide the rural resorts to the epidemic situation and mass tourism consumption demand, with natural sightseeing, parent-child company, health keeping in good health, leisure and relaxation type service project.

Notice, as domestic epidemic situation continues to improve and support policies effect appeared gradually, improving the tourism market, tourism consumption growing, the rural tourism become the one of the important choice of the people to travel.According to the CPC Central Committee and state council on overall propulsion normalized epidemic prevention and control and decision deployment of economic and social development work, in the field of rural tourism to fully implement the "rebound against input, inside outside" overall prevention and control strategy, based on this, we will accelerate the market recovery.Now the matters related to notice the following:

One is the docking policy service.Docking related departments actively, promote the rural tourism to return to work and production shutdown the support policy implementation.The culture and tourism departments at various levels shall guide the rural tourism businesses and practitioners with foot with good include financial financing, tax breaks, financial loans, financing guarantee, simplify examination and approval of policies and measures, etc.Ready to adjust part of the tourism development fund use, support rural tourism micro, small and medium enterprises loan discount related work.To guide the operators to docking people club department, in accordance with the provisions for "to workers DaiXun" subsidies.Guiding rural tourism enterprises docking tax department, banking financial institutions, using the "silver tax interaction" joint meeting mechanism and travel "hundreds of thousands of companies" and so on the platform, fight for credit support.Actively coordinate with the local branch of agricultural bank branch, research and development for rural tourism in the area of pratt & Whitney small loans, credit loan, business loan guarantees and other innovative products, a temporary extension servicing support.

The second is to speed up the construction progress.Accelerate the 2020 central budget investment involves the rural tourism infrastructure project construction.Good use of various special funds in 2020 as a whole and various agricultural funds, will guide is strong, wide radiating surface of the whole construction machinery to support a number of rural tourism infrastructure construction renovation project.To speed up the planned around the tourism public service facilities construction progress, such as rural, transport station, parking lot identification system, rural public toilets, garbage and sewage treatment facilities.Accelerate the wisdom tourism infrastructure construction, expanding broadband communications, mobile communications, wireless networks and surveillance cameras facilities coverage.

Three is to launch new product lines.Timely launch of the national rural tourism products, culture and tourism departments at all levels should focus to the society launched a batch of rural tourism products line.Guide the rural resorts to the epidemic situation and mass tourism consumption demand, with natural sightseeing, parent-child company, health keeping in good health, leisure and relaxation type service project.To promote rural tourism to the rural living and transformation of rural life, improve the quality of rural home stay facility, and development of rural food, night tour, the depth of experience, subject, studies, etc.Expand coverage for "creativity to the countryside", rural social creative resources docking, rich rural creative product system.Encourage a group of conditional country via live, short video, a variety of forms such as VR, online display the country beautiful natural scenery and the excellent traditional culture, to promote online depth fusion, promote rural tourism new forms, new model and new scene to popularize and apply.

Fourth, increase the propaganda promotion.Make good use of the central radio and TV reception, such as the central media resources advantage, strengthen rural tourism publicity.The culture and tourism departments at various levels shall give play to the role of radio and television media platforms at the corresponding level, increase the local characteristics of rural tourism marketing campaign product line.Pay attention to strengthening and digital culture enterprise, network communication platform to carry out the depth of cooperation, through the video, animation, games, short documentary form of promoting rural excellent cultural and tourism resources of the digital and network transmission, improve the rural tourism influence and appeal.Encourage rural tourism marketing practitioners shaping the brand image, mining customer groups, accurate positioning, improve information technology application, short video shooting, the propaganda document creations, live shows, such as practical skill levels, improve the precision of publicity and marketing, fun and effective.

5 it is widen the channel of the income.Encourage local authorities, institutions, large enterprises to strengthen rural characteristic product purchase, to encourage rural tourism as a model worker, the worker will be held across such as cure for priority option, encourage in various local consumption securities activities, will be one of the important content of rural tourism as a.Pay attention to cultivate a group of local network, the village live with cargo homo habilis, expand rural sales from native products.To strengthen taobao, jingdong, Meituan, box Ma Xian electric business platform for cooperation, open online stores, outlets, expand sales coverage.Expand rural logistics location and convenient tourist village shopping mail, Courier services, encourage rural attractions for tourists, operating household trend after secondary consumer contact information.Fully excavate excellent traditional culture and local agricultural resources, developed to meet the needs of modern life of wen gen products and tourism commodities.In rural tourism poverty alleviation, improve poor multi-type working skills, expand channels for employment income.

Six is standard health services.Create a good living environment and the health clean and tidy village CunMao, for visitors to provide safe and healthy and comfortable environment of rural tourism, promote rural tourism attractions, the home stay facility, organic and other places of tourist sightseeing, catering, accommodation and so on various links of health services.On the dining-table centiliter civilization health "as the theme, to develop the rural tourism the dining-table centiliter" action, build safety health comfortable dining environment.Encouraged to provide pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products and agricultural products of geographical indication, diet culture, learn more cooking techniques, offer visitors have characteristics, have grade, safety and health of the local cuisine.

Seven is to ensure the safety of travel.Overall guidance for epidemic prevention and control, tourist safety, flood control and flood and so on each work, take the risk early warning, safety tips, restricting abortion, targeted measures such as strengthening the protection, to guide the rural tourism operators and visitors safety protection.Further compaction rural tourism management main body responsibility, guide the rural tourism operators to formulate emergency plan, clear disease prevention and control and safety of emergency measures and disposal process, to ensure that visitors and workers health and safety.Focus on rainfall regime forecast and water regime change in time, pay close attention to flood forecast, according to the arrangement of the local flood control and drought relief headquarters, to strengthen the security check, to do a good job of flood safety.Improves the management level of the rural tourism, to encourage conditional place to rural tourism safety on social governance system, carry out supervision and inspection on a regular basis.

Eight is completes the demonstration to take the lead.Around in the national rural tourism ChongDian Village selection recommendation and list of provincial rural tourism ChongDian Village construction work, will be normalized epidemic prevention and control, positive return to work and production shutdown, stable villagers employment, promoting local economic and social development as an important consideration.To guide the rural tourism ChongDian Village display demonstration leading role, grasping normalized epidemic prevention and control, grasping to return to work and production shutdown, the local employment poverty population out of poverty and increasing farmers' income.Must strengthen the experience summary of the promotion, in promoting the normalized epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production shutdown work, found that accumulate a batch of strong innovative, widely applicable, model good rural tourism typical cases, by organizing the online training, media publicity, the scene exchange a variety of ways, such as vigorously promote effective practice and typical experience.